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Rat Terrier

Rat terriers are small-to-medium-size dogs who are playful, active and loyal, and who desire the companionship of humans. If you are looking for a dedicated, energetic, intelligent and somewhat vocal dog who enjoys both playtime and snuggling, the rat terrier may be the perfect companion dog for you.

How the Rat Terrier Got Its Name. ... Rat Terriers were breed specifically to be “ratters,” dogs used by their owners to chase down and kill rats. It all began in the 1820's in England.

Weight and height:

Toys 10lbs. or less (Tots under 5lbs.) Height - not to exceed 12 inches
Mini over 10lbs up to 18lbs. Height - not to exceed 15 inches
Standard over 18lbs up to 28lbs.  Height - not to exceed 18 inches


CLASS A - Height is approximately the same to length, measured from ground to withers and from point of shoulder to rump, length not to exceed 1 1/2" from height. For example if your dog is 12 " long, it should measure no less than 10 1/2" in height.
Fault: excessive barrel chest or round body.
CLASS B - the shorter leg type, body length not to exceed  3 " or less than 1 3/4" from height. For example if your dog measures 12" in length, its height should fall between 9"- 10 1/4". Fault: excessive barrel chest or round body.

     He makes an excellent guard, companion, and house dog and is good with children. His ease of training and innate instincts makes the Rats unsurpassed hunters and ratters. They don't really mind getting their feet wet and many enjoy swimming, hiking very content playing with their own toys. He hides nothing being confident around other animals large and small. The Rat is a dog that commands respect but absolutely adores his family. He is eager to please bonding, sociable and sensitive. It is never a yippee type of dog but quick to sound an alarm when he senses something new.
Rat Terriers are enthusiast upon his peoples arrival showering them with kisses, affection, love and loyalty. He is basically pleasant and easy to get along with. At ease at home relaxing with his master doing well with the family, hardy enough to with stand a child's roughest play.
     The Rat Terrier retains his true terrier heritage by being a superb ratter. He is gritty, feisty and tough yet never out of control, quick, alert, agile and fleet. They will make strong eye contact with you, cocking their head trying to understand, willing to do what ever you ask of them. But clowning around, soliciting play and sleeping by their master with one eye open, always ready, is one of their specialties. Although they prefer to not stray far from their master's side, they sometimes enjoy the solitude of their own space. Rats are highly adaptable to a variety of climates and environments, from apartments to farms and from Alaska to Florida. While active outdoors he makes a wonderful house pet, companion and watchdog. Females make excellent mothers, hardy, healthy rugged and clean.