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Health Guarantee

Due to the varying kinds of dog dog food on the market  and the different  environmental conditions your dog can come in contact  with, we will not guarantee your dogs health unless they are given NuVet Plus daily at the manufacturer's suggested dosage for 1 year. Failure to do so makes your health guarantee null and void.

Our health guarantee does not include poisoning, accidents, negligence.behavioral problems or any canine diseases and conditions (Viral infections, Bacterial infections,Fungal infections, Intestinal parasites, Protozoal diseases)that your dog may pick up at your vet's office, dog parks, pet stores.

Your health guarantee will be null and void if you do not keep your dog current on all vaccines and monthly de worming and on heart worm medicine and tested for heart worms once a year.

We require that you order your NuVet Plus before your new puppy comes home.  If you don't order before your puppy comes home this will null and void your health guarantee.

This health guarantee does not transfer to new owner if you sale or give puppy away.

NuVet Plus

NuVet Plus

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