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To breed or not to breed

Canine Reproduction and Whelping.

Are you going to breed your dog? Before you do
ask yourself the following questions?

1. Is it to let your kids see the miracle of birth.

2. Is it because your dog is the best dog you have

3. You think she need a litter before getting her

4. Your friend thinks your dog would make some nice

5. Do you think you will make extra money and get

6. Your dog just won Best In Show and you want to
   better the breed.

7. Your dog more than meets the standards for his/her

If you said yes to any of the questions 1 - 5. The I
would say do not breed your dog.
1. Please say no. Your little Bobby or Jane can see
   the miracle of birth(a human birth) on a Health
   channel on Satty or Cable. Why take a chance of
   your dog having problems and needing to take a
   trip to your vet for a c-section. Do you have the
   money for the vet bill. A c-section can run you
   480.00 to 1,200.00. I should know that's what the
   two c-sections for my dogs.

   Or how would your kids feel if one of the pups is
   dead at birth or dies after birth or when the pup
   is 2 weeks old.

2. Everyone has the best dog in the world. Why is that?
   Any dog can be the best with training and love.
   And thinking your dog's puppies will be just as
   smart and the best dog in the world is just a dream.
   The only reason they would be is if they had the
   training. Trust me when I say every puppy has their
   own personality and they may not be the one your
   dog has.

3. If your vet has told you this I think it's time
   to find another vet. Some vets may say let her
   have her first heat or when she is older due to
   small size. But never because she needs a litter
   before getting fixed.

4. Will your friend give you money if your dog needs
   a c-section? Will your friend help take care of
   a sick puppy? Will your friend help find homes
   for all the puppies? Will your friend help clean
   up puppy poo? I don't know to many that will come
   over in the middle of the night to help birth a
   litter of pups. So why would you want to strees
   yourself and your family just because your friend
   thinks your dog would have some nice pups?

5. Getting rich? No No..Think you need extra food
   to keep your female in good health. Puppies will
   need puppy food around 4 to 5 weeks old. If you
   have a large litter the food bill can add up.
   Then think of the vet bill if the female needs
   a c-section or if a puppy gets sick. Then most
   states require a health check up at 8 weeks old
   before you can sale them. The what if they don't
   sale at 8 weeks old. The money to keep them up to
   date on vacs/dewormings and to update their health
   check up before the sale of the pups.

6. You have put in alot of time and you have found a
   mate that has won Best In Show and you know your
   puppies will be show quality. This would be a good
   reason to breed.

7. Just because you think your dog meets the standards
   doesn't mean a judge at a dog show thinks the same.

Botton line is breed if you have the money, time and want
to better the breed. But never think you are going to
make lots of money.