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Buying your puppy

Things to know and do before buying your puppy.

1. Everyone in the family wants a puppy right down to size, color,sex,breed.

2. Read and learn information on having a new puppy. Having a puppy is like having a new born child. They will need lots of love, care and training.

3. Ask breeder questions.

   A. How long have you been breeding dogs ?

   B. Do you give health certificate from your vet?

   C. Do you give health guarantee?

   D. Do you require a deposit? How much?

   E. Can we come visit to see puppy?

   F.  At what age do you let the puppy go?

   G. Do you ship?  Air Cargo, Nanny in cabin,ground shipping, bring the puppy  in car.

   H. What comes with the puppy?